And The Birds Sang

The first rehearsal/performance of this piece was in May 2016 with the fabulous Drogheda Brass Band

An animated score for brass band

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Serration (2016)

I decided to remix one of my early PhD pieces from 2012

It's made the from cut-up waste parts of a voice recording, the breaths, sips and lip smacks that we sound designers usually cut out.

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ValenT (2016)

Another remixed version of one of my early PhD pieces from 2012

This was created from a live improvisation with effects, using a voice recording of Gertrude Stein reading A Valentine to Sherwood Anderson (1922) as the inspiration. I used Ableton Live as a host to lots of outboard effects while I performed the improvisation.

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Written in His Voice


It was played on RTE Nova and performed live in the Sonic Lab in Belfast in 2015.

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Shortlisted at the HearSay Festival Audio Prize in 2014.

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We Called It Dirt

A non-linear conversation made up of interview snippets with digital poet, John Patrick McNamara.

You can alter the conversation by typing in the letters W-E C-A-L-L-E-D I-T D-I-R-T.

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Three Days In May

Sound Montages from May.. the beach in Laytown, the art gallery where I witnessed an attack by a mad axe man, the funfair madness in Drogheda.

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You can alter the sound if you move your mouse across the screen.

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Unity Beeps


Inspired by Twin Bleebs (Mika Vainio, 1984).

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After That


In 1943 my Grandfather was being transported to Stalag IVb, this is my first response.

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