My fascination with game audio started with an Atari Pong circa 1978. We had a box under the wood effect TV that produced tennis with blippy noises. Hours of fun!

Then we moved onto a tabletop Entex Electronics PacMan 2 game dating from around the 1980 mark .. It was really cool, with it's funny chomping sound effects .. and it created many arguments about "who's turn it was next" !

For Christmas 1981 I asked santa for a Merlin Electronic Wizard, and again it was just class, for a while :)

For our 1st Fitch household computer we had a ZX81 Sinclair Spectrum in 1983 .. with it's squishy keyboard and noisy tape loading games it was just amazing. Hours, and I mean hours, of gaming pleasure. Jet Pac, Manic Miner .. I remember learning to play the Hall of the Mountain King, which was the soundtrack for Manic Miner, on the piano :) and those flangy type sponges got me every time!

I had a break from gaming not long after all this because I discovered the cello .. and was determined to master it :)

But, not one to be left behind, I bought myself a Nintendo Game Boy in 1990. I was at music college, busy practicing cello and discovering Mario and Tetris all at the same time. These games were played so much that I could still sing you the theme tunes today.

Then the lure of colour hit me in the shape of a Sega Game Gear that introduced me to Sonic the Hedgehog and his many bouncing rings in 1991.

Well, once I'd been hooked again it wasn't long before I bought a Mega Drive. Sonic and Psycho Pinball were my all time favourites.

After this I had another small break from gaming again .. to make sure I worked hard enough to get a job playing my cello! ... but once I got the job I was back playing games again ..

This time in the shape of a Sony PS1 around at a friends house in 1996 onwards. Micro Machines were fantastic fun .. and watching Quake was really cool, that "3D" arm was just mind blowing. I couldn't quite muster up the courage to play it for long though.. it seemed way too violent....my, how things change!

My next purchase was an Xbox in 2003. I played Ghost Recon and Halo for a few years after that, multiplayer with 2 televisions, 2 consoles, 2 sofas, 4 people and curtains closed was supreme.. and I remember spending an entire Christmas playing Burnout. Flinging those cars around was too much fun! Fable, with it's Danny Elfman intro and gorgeous score, Aah, but I do love that Halo score by Marty O'Donnell too. When Video Games Live came to town in 2009 I got the call to play in the orchestra with Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall, the emotion of playing that cello theme from Halo was nearly too much.

Not to miss out on mentioning the computer type gaming, I played Myst and Dungeon Seige on a Mac laptop for a few years back around 2002/2003.

Quite late to the party I bought a PS2 in 2004.. Sniper Elite with it's slow-motion "head shots", God of War with it's incredible score. Guitar Hero is still being played on it every now and again today.

My adoration of handhelds was still there.. So in 2005 I bought a PSP. .. Midnight Dub was a big favourite. To link up multiplayer via wireless was amazing. But for some reason I part exchanged it for a DS lite in 2006

err.. which I didn't play as much to be honest .. I sold it :) ... Although I did like Electroplankton and those mad Rabid Rabbits.

The Wii has been a great hit, I really love it. Being beaten by a 7 year old playing Mario Cart last Christmas was hilarious :) Sports is just excellent, the whole interactivity of it all is just incredible, and I think it's interesting I'm still enjoying Tennis and Pinball games after all these years!

In 2010, my favourite gaming machine was my iTouch .. it was incredible, I loved the touch screen bliss! Penguins, Dream Chronicles and Wild West Pinball are what were installed.

In 2011, I bought an iPad .. and the touch screen bliss was expanded to BIG! Bejewelled 2 was added to the already well played iTouch games. My high score was 32,000 on level 9.

A PS3 arrived into my house in 2012 :) Thanks Dom!

In 2013 I started investigating some new games on the PS3. Skyrim has amazing gameplay and a gorgeous score from Jeremy Soule. It's so much of a favourite that I have the tracks playing in the car regularly, alongside my other current favourite, which is Red Dead Redemption. What an achievement in adaptive audio. It's a game that is worth playing for the audio experience alone.

This is the year I started playing games on my mac again. I've installed Steam and am busy enjoying some of the indie greatness out there. Machinarium is fantastic, it takes me back to my puzzle playing, immersive audio experience days of Myst.

And of course I have to mention a game I've had a hand in. Dead Hungry Diner is a fun gameworld management type game. It's available on Steam for the PC and it's in the Mac App Store.

Long live indie development :)